About Us

With over 70 years experience in the development and production of footwear guarantees the Calvani family for the absolute best work shoes on the market. Developed by experienced professional technicians and craftsmen.

Made in Italy by passionate employees with a sense of technique and quality.


Shortly after the end of the World War II in 1945, Rolando Calvani, only eleven years old, began working as apprentice in the local shoe factory. He was trained as shoe technician and designer. Only twenty-three years old, he started his own shoe factory.

In 1995 his son Harry Calvani started participating in the shoe factory and went into partnership with Sergio Ivanoff, who originally comes from an Argentinian shoe family and lives in Denmark.

Harry Calvani and Sergio Ivanoff are trained shoe designers and shoe technicians in the best schools in Italy.

In the following years the Danish and Scandinavian design characterized the Calvani collections. Minimalist design with a focus on function, comfort and fitting. A winning combination together with the Italian shoe technical skills have made Calvani Shoes best in the market.

Since 1995 Calvani Shoes developed as a leader into the footwear production with high technology and today Calvani is exporting to 22 countries.

Fit, premium materials and best production technicians characterizes a modern shoe factory, which is a leader in work shoes.